The Oyster Bay Boat Shop

The Oyster Bay Boat Shop, started in 1968, by Jim and Beegie Miller, has a long tradition of providing technical support, selling and serving its customers. In 1980, the Oyster Bay Boat Shop closed its retail doors, and made the commitment to its dealer customers, "We don't sell to the public, our customers do." It has been our motto since then, and we aggressively protect our trade customers, and strive to offer the best service, delivery and price point in our little end of the Marine Industry.

Sadly, our founder, Jim Miller, passed away on June 17th, 2001. He is rembered by his many, many friends who often had a story of meeting "Big Jim" for the first time, or having competed against him in one regatta or another. He will be remembered and missed by us all here at the Boat Shop. If you knew Jim, and are just hearing this for the first time, please don't hesitate to call and touch base. The Miller family most appreciates the stories from old friends.

In October of 2002, We moved from our long time home in Oyster Bay to a new location in the back of an industrial park in Glen Cove, NY. Not a far move, but one long overdue. Our new location gives us high ceilings for more storage of inventory, a smooth concrete floor, a long rigging bench (more room to stack junk on), a forklift, and some of the best neighbors anyone could ask for. Right Norm?

Our new neighbors bring to us a whole new end to our business - fabrication. While not a large part of the business right now, we feel it fills a niche - the timly and cost effective solution for one-off part fabrication or repair, by a company that specialises and understands sailboats and sailboat systems.

In March of 2003, we hire a graphic designer and a webmaster who recreated the image of the Oyster Bay Boat Shop. The efforts are reflected in this new website. We promise to keep the updates coming of our company, and keep you appraised of changes and improvements at the "Boat Shop"

-The folks at the Oyster Bay Boat Shop